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Varitronix is widely recognized as a leading LCD manufacturer with expertise in the development of advanced display technologies and sound manufacturing know-how.


Leveraging its technical strengths, the company has been supplying standard and customized products for various applications, ranging from automotive, industrial to other applications.


In addition to the optimization of standard TN and STN based technologies, Varitronix al also specialises in the development of Improved Black Nematic Display (IBN), colour display, Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Display, power saving Bistable Cholesteric Display (BCD), 3D and touch panel products, etc.


Varitronix employs state-of-the-art advanced tools and equipment for the development and measurement of new technology. We also use the latest simulation tools to optimize our panel designs. Varitronix’ Display Measuring System (DMS) is able to provide international grade measurements of optical and electro performance of display products at different ambient temperatures and viewing angles.


Display Measuring System  


A sample of Varitronix’ advanced optical measurement capabilities  


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