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The HSBC Living Business Award


Varitronix was presented with 3 awards of this program in 2015:




- People Caring Award (Gold Award)


Internal Communication; employee training and development; equal opportunities; employee welfare; and work-life balance and family-friendly practices.




- Community Engagement Award (Certificate of Excellence)


Employment of the disadvantaged/unemployed; employee volunteering and corporate giving; transfer of skills to non-profit organizations; and partnership with non-profit organizations.





- Green Achievement Award (Certificate of Merit)


Overall environmental management approach; environmental communication, training and awareness; pollution control and reduction including waste, air, water and noise; and resources conservation including energy, water and materials.



The 6th Hong Kong Volunteer Award




- Volunteering Award (Certificate of Merit)

“The Hong Kong Volunteer Award” is a territory-wide campaign, it will be presented to outstanding business corporations or groups for their distinguished contribution and accomplishments in promoting volunteering service. Varitronix Social Service Team was presented with Certificate with Merit.


5th Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program




Varitronix presented with Volunteering Team Silver Award

The 5th Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program is co-organized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education (CPCE). The Program aims to raise public awareness regarding corporate citizenship by organizing a series of activities that encourage corporations to fulfill social responsibilities. The Varitronix Social Service Team was presented with the Silver Award in the Volunteering Team Category.


Caring Company




Varitronix has been recognized as “Caring Company” by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (香港社會服務聯會) since 2007. We care about our staff and are committed to achieve staff development. Besides, we care about the environment and support our staff to participate in community service.


Happiness-at-work Label




Varitronix took home the Happiness-at-work Label with the commitment to create a delightful working environment and raise the happiness-at-work level for staff. The Happiness-at-work Promotional Scheme was launched by the Promoting Happiness Index Foundation and the Hong Kong Productivity Council, with an aim to encourage businesses and organizations to create a happy working environment, and to raise the happiness-at-work level of the local workforce.


Family-Friendly Employer




Varitronix has been selected as one of the "Family-Friendly Employers 2013/14". Presented by the Family Council, the Award encourages employers to implement family-friendly employment policies and practices. These policies and practices are intended to help employees balance their work and family lives, thereby bringing benefits to both employers and employees, and in turn resulting in improved morale, enhanced working relationships and reduced staff turnover.



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